Often applicants are seen having a grievance on the immigration consultants for some reasons which are absolutely in no control of the consultant. Zentora is no exception to that.

There are many Zentora complaints which are due to reasons just because candidate didn't fulfill the basic immigration rules as specified by concerned country. Zentora immigration consultants while guiding the candidates for immigration process clearly specify that the visa decision is only dependent upon certain crucial aspects like visa documentation, language scores like IELTS/PTE etc. and accurate information to immigration consultant. Zentora reviews primarily are from applicants who are not even genuine registered candidates. Zentora candidates when register are given unique registration identification numbers commonly known as ZENID; so any genuine candidate will have a registration. But in majority of Zentora reviews, candidates do not specify any such details and that is the reason it is clearly understood that such Zentora reviews are just to malign the name/fame of the company because Zentora success is widely recognized and there are many candidates who leave some other well known immigration consultants and choose Zentora for their immigration aspirations.

When a candidate is guided for Australia immigration, Canada immigration and other settle abroad options; a typical Zentora consultant will first do a basic analysis of the candidate's profile and based upon that suggest the best country for immigration. Now the quest for knowing exact eligibility doesn't stop here. After the basic analysis, there is a process of assessment popularly known as Pre Assessment which is done to ensure that candidate is getting minimum required points, the occupation of candidate is in demand in the country and other factors like how many points in IELTS/PTE has to be scored by principal applicant and whether spouse has to write IELTS/PTE etc. or not. When this pre assessment comes positive that is ONLY when a candidate can/will register with us. There is no other provision or way through/by which an applicant can register with Zentora for his/her immigration process. Long story cut short, without a positive assessment Zentora cannot take anybody's application for immigration.

The Zentora review report given are in accordance to immigration norms and stand valid only till the immigration rules stand valid. Any change in rules is outside the control of Zentora. When a candidate asks for documentation for immigration, we always stand by the Zentora review report. If a candidate stated that he/she holds a B.Tech degree, we would rather embassy would expect a valid degree to prove the same. Similarly if the candidate has claimed in Zentora review report that he/she holds 5 years IT experience; that is what the embassy would expect to be shown in the way of documents. Candidates will be made aware in report as to how many IELTS or PTE or TOEFL points have to be scored, the same is to be written by candidate and all candidates know before Zentora registration the points to be scored.

Now after such transparent system followed by Zentora, what would be the reason that any candidate; let's say genuine candidate would have a grievance on Zentora? What could be a reason for any reservation from a candidate and hence negative Zentora reviews?

  • Candidate not able to submit basic required documents against which points are claimed. An experience claimed as 5 years but no documents to prove is the most common scenario. After all embassy cannot call candidates personally and verify with them that 'hey do you hold 5 years' experience? Just wanted to verify because there are no documents to prove the same'.
  • No will or wish or efforts to write IELTS/PTE etc. which actually is informed well before registration is another common scenario. Immigration abroad is majorly to all English speaking countries and countries expect potential skilled immigrants to have basic know how of language. For same they want applicant to write IELTS or PTE or TOEFL. Again, we cannot expect Canadian embassy ( or Australian embassy ( to come to our level and relax immigration rules. But not able to fulfill basic immigration requirement like language becomes another big concern for grievance and honestly on this Zentora or any other Canada immigration consultant or Australia immigration consultants have no control. In fact Zentora provides IELTS coaching and PTE coaching to its candidates to ease out this language hassle. But getting IELTS exam result is something which is candidate's responsibility
  •  Just change of immigration plans or personal reasons is something which can be another reason for reservations on Zentora reviews or immigration complaints. Zentora services are never declined, but still no work on immigration application due to personal reason of applicant cannot be Zentora immigration consultants' responsibility.

All Zentora reviews are due to above factors and hence immigration complaints on which immigration consultant has no control cannot be considered as consultant's responsibility. So next time when you happen to read anywhere, 'worst consultancy' or 'fake consultant' or 'cheater/liars' etc. take a time to understand that anybody who has a genuine reason will be sitting with the consultant and finding solutions for ultimate goal i.e. migrate abroad. Others who are happily doing the process are either in the final stages or have already flied to their dream destination after taking Zentora services. Now the 3rd lot of people who are just bickering online with no valid details or points to prove; well may they are just some very pissed immigration consultantswho were claimed largely as 'worst consultancy' or 'fake consultant' or 'cheater/liars' etc. by their genuine candidates and when those genuine candidate approached Zentora; the immigration dream which was till now looking as a curse now became a boon because the Masters of Visas came into picture. Now when some immigration consultants claimed themselves as India's No. 1 Overseas Careers & Immigration Consultant or claimed to have Speed, Trust and Expertise; now when their candidates approach the Masters of Visas because they were not delivered what was promised by the so called No. 1 or Experts; that is where Zentora invites many troubles. But any sane person will understand that a genuineconsumer complaint will involve resolution, while all fake accounts will involve only trolling.

So now do you know what Zentora reviews are or how valid are Zentora complaints or whether Zentora is a genuine immigration consultant/consultancy? If still in doubt, this Saturday why don't you visit one of the nearest branches and check for yourself!

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