Liechtenstein student visa

Studying in Liechtenstein is in fact an experience any student will look forward to. Liechtenstein is one of the leading EU nations that welcome international students to pursue their dream course. Unlike other EU nations, Liechtenstein offers reasonable tuition fee for international students. The Universities in Liechtenstein offers bachelor's, doctoral and master's degree programs for the students.

Why study in Liechtenstein

With its affordable tuition fee, better standard of living, and striking scenery, Liechtenstein offers students an exceptional educational value. From its cultural and historical appeal, to the intrigue of a country governed by a monarch, this EU nation is worth consideration as a place for studies. Students, who are neither from European Union (EU) nationals, nor nationals of a European Economic Area (EEA) nation, usually require a visa to study in Liechtenstein.

Eligibility for Study Visas

International students who would like to stay or whose course duration is over 90 days can apply for Liechtenstein student visa. Degrees attained in Liechtenstein schools or universities are considered as prestigious as well as receive global recognition.

Liechtenstein student visa

This visa allows international students to enter and study in Liechtenstein for a certain period. However, to obtain this visa, international students need to meet the requirements such as

·         A valid passport

·         Acceptance letter from university

·         Enough finance

·         No crime records

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