The US L-2 Visa is a US non-immigration visa that allows the immediate family relatives (dependents) of a US L-1 worker (sponsor) to join the US counterpart in the US. The immediate family relative of the US L-1 worker consists of his or her spouse and children (under 21 years of age), and the L-2 visa is only available for this category of relatives. Other family relatives, like the parents of the US L-1 worker, are not allowed to enter the US with this category of visa.


To be eligible for the US L-2 visa, applicants must be an immediate relative to a US L-1 worker. They will also be required to prove their relationship with the US L-1 worker. The US L-2 will only remain valid for as long as the sponsor’s visa remains valid. Usually, it takes 2 to 4 weeks to complete a US L-2 Visa application, depending on where the application is been made.

The following documents will be required from the applicant:

  • A valid passport
  • A recent passport photograph
  • Valid civil documents, i.e., birth and marriage certificate
  • Proof of the US L-1 worker approval of the petition
  • Proof showing the relationship between sponsor and dependent


The immediate family relative gets to enjoy the following benefits once they secure an L-2 visa:

  • The US L-2 visa allows the dependents to live in the US for as long as the sponsor legally remains in the US
  • The visa allows the dependents to attend public and private schools in the US
  • The visa also allows the dependents (spouse) to work without restriction in the US upon approval of an Employment Authorization Document application
  • The visa may be used as a pathway to getting permanent residence in the US

Fee Structure:

The application fee for the US L-2 visa is $190 for each dependent. The dependent may be required to pay $500 for Fraud Detection and Prevention.

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