Quality of Life in the United States of America:

Located in North America between Mexico and Canada, The United States of America (USA) indisputably ranks first in terms of economic strength. With a robust economy and a GDP of over $18 trillion, the country has one of the world\'s finest living standards and quality of life. The English-speaking country scores well above average in terms of quality education, food supply, health care, infrastructure, and security. The majority of the residents and citizens say they are satisfied with the living standards and quality of life in the country.

Security in the USA:

There has been a steady decrease in violent crime rates over the years in the US. Following the 2001 terrorist attacks in September, the US has engaged in successful aggressive counter-terrorist moves that have proved effective in reducing terrorist activities in the country. Except for petty crimes and cyber security issues, the US is a safe destination for visitors and citizens to live and work.

Education in the USA:

The US has over 2000 academic institutions, public, private and home schools, that offer top-notch education, plus it’s home to 75% of the 20 best Universities in the world. With flexible and unmatched education system, the US remains one of the leading destinations for foreign students seeking quality education. Schools in the US are student friendly, and respect the cultures of international students. Although the cost of education in the country is arguably high, ranging from $15,000 to $50,000, there are some schools which offer quality education at lesser rates. There are also some charity institutions and scholarship programs that are opened to all students.  

Work in the USA:

The US embraces international employees and professionals from around the globe in several fields. Each year, the US opens its borders to thousands of foreign employees and professionals and offers them the best environment to work and live. Although there are a lot of job opportunities, getting a graduate job remains a challenge for non-citizens. Patent Attorneys, Physicians, Pharmacists and Solutions Architects make the top spots for highest paid jobs in the US, while Data scientists, Tax Managers, Solutions Architects, Software Engineers, and Software Development Managers are among the most popular and flourishing jobs in the US.

Health Benefits in the USA:

The US has state of the art facilities and equipment in almost all its hospitals and medical centers. Citizens and visitors in the US have access to quality health care, without having to wait for long hours or days. However, patients, most times have to wait for long hours, sometimes days to meet with a specialist or physician.  With only 21% of their hospital run for profit, 58% are non-profit hospitals and the remaining 21% are government owned. Even with a population of 321.4 million, the United States claims nearly 80% life expectancy at birth.

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