UK Dependent Visa


The UK Dependent Visas permit family members and dependents of a UK citizen or permanent resident to join them in the UK. Most of the visas in this category allow the holders (family members and dependents of a UK citizen or permanent resident) to work in the UK without restriction. In all categories of the UK Dependent Visa, the sponsor, (a UK citizen or permanent resident) must indicate that he or she has sufficient funds to sponsor the dependents and is willing to do so.

Only the spouse or civil partner and the unmarried children of the sponsor can qualify for as dependents, and they are not entitled to public funds. They are allowed to live and work in the UK with no restriction for up to 5 years after which they may choose to apply for naturalization.


Application for this category of visas can be made within or outside the UK. However, a foreigner with a visitor visa of any kind is not eligible to apply from inside with the visitor status. He or she must first leave the UK before making the application.

The following documents are required from the sponsor to file a petition for his or her dependents:

  • Recent bank statements;
  • A valid passport with stamping and visa page;
  • Work permit;

The following documents are required from the dependent to get a UK dependent visa:

  • A valid passport;
  • Civil documents (birth certificate or marriage certificate);

Depending on the visa the applicant is filing for, more documents may be requested from him or her. The UK Dependent Visas are usually valid only for as long as the sponsor’s visa.


  • This visa category allows foreigners to live in the UK.
  • Most visa holders in this category enjoy working with no restrictions in the UK.
  • The UK Dependent Visas allows families of UK citizens or permanent residents to join them in the UK.

Fee Structure:

The different UK visas in the UK Dependent Visa category have different charges.

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