Delicious morsels melting in mouth and yummy-milky chocolaty droplets on tongue are remarkably recalling nothing but a tiny EU nation - Switzerland. The country is nestled in Central Europe occupying around 41,290 sq. km. Bern is the Capital city of Switzerland. Flourishing with dazzling holiday spots, abundant hotels and chocolates, this EU nation is the eventual name of retreat.

Visit Switzerland

It\'s a spectacular and amazing fact that this small nation possesses extraordinary varieties of attractions. The country is a home of natural treasure and thus it is a dream destination for every travel lover. Switzerland is one among the most fabulous traveling places on the world. The alpine beauty of high beautiful peaks as well as the awe-inspiring sceneries of the place never fails to attract foreign travelers.

Study in Switzerland

Switzerland consists of some of the leading prestigious higher education systems. Few universities are ranked among the list of world’s top 200 universities or educational institutions. This is even more impressive that the population in this country is just 8 million. The degree attained in this university has world-wide recognition. Thus, year by year flock of international students is increasing drastically.

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