Sweden student visa

Studying abroad engrosses an eccentric experience and an exclusive familiarity with a strange culture. Overseas education not only offers quality education for students in some of the leading universities, but also exposes you to a new society where in, you will have fit cultural exchange. And, Sweden would be the better choice for destination, for those who are aiming for better career options.

Why study in Sweden

During the last one decade, the influx of students to Sweden has increased especially from India. The country offer standard education for international students. Some of the Sweden universities are among the list of leading colleges in the world. Getting to study in one among those universities will definitely prove to be a great challenge - both socially and academically. To begin one’s career in the Sweden, the first step is holding a Sweden student visa if you are from overseas nation or non-EU nation.

Reasons to study in Sweden

When you choose to study in Sweden, you don’t just pick a country or place – you pick a future. With the choice of studying in Sweden:

·         Your ideas will thrive

·         Elite education is offered

·         Experience equality and embrace diversity

·         Quality education system

·         Attain competitive edge for global career

Sweden student visa

If you are intended to study in Sweden for a period over three months, than you need to obtain a residence permit. If the duration of course or intention of stay is less than three months, you just need to acquire entry visa. Sweden student permit entitles the card holder to enter and study in the country for a certain period of time.


To attain Sweden study permit you must:

·         Have a valid passport

·         Be ready to engage in full-time courses

·         Have health insurance

·         Have adequate funds

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