Slovakia Student visa

Education is one of the valuable things needed in one’s life to enjoy a better future. And, to attain an esteemed degree, you need to get certified from one of the leading universities. Slovakia is an abode for numerous top universities. Attaining degree from one of those universities will change ones’ life completely in much better way. Thus, a large number of international students prefer o study in Slovakia.

Education in Slovakia

Slovak Higher Education is classified into three types, namely public, private and state schools.

·         Public schools of higher studies are the essential case. The immense majority of schools of higher education are public and they are financed by the Slovakia government and business activities.

·         State institutions of higher education include police, medical and military schools. Equivalent ministries in the government finance these programs.

·         Private institutions of higher education are unusual. They are financed and established by non-government universities or institutions, but certified by the Ministry of Education.

Slovakia student visa

If an overseas national want to study in Slovakia for more than 90 days in one half-year, then he or she needs to obtain temporary residence permit. However, applicants or international students need to meet the following requirements in order to obtain the visa:

·         A valid passport or travel document

·         An acceptance letter from respective university or educational institution

·         Enough funds

·         Must have no criminal records

·         Previous educational qualifications

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