Landlocked and surrounded by Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, and Austria, Slovakia is an emerging power in the Europe. The country has only few major national highways due to its mountainous surface. The largest and most populous city in Slovakia\'s is in Bratislava. With its mountainous terrain, this country can be perfect place for hiking, skiing, mountain climbing and snow-boarding.

Visit Slovakia

Slovakia is a European nation which has a great choice of outdoor activities for travelers to enjoy. Compact and easy to get around mountains, hiking, skiing and rafting are all here. The country likewise has plentiful castles with wooden churches, medieval exhibits and ancient log cottages. It boasts of quite a few zoological parks, spa retreats, gardens, museums, old-town cafes and folk theaters. Holidaymakers are gradually exploring its attractions, and many are glad to learn that exploring Slovakia is not just as costly as travelling other destinations in Europe, but it makes one’s trip unforgettable.

Study in Slovakia

Slovakia is home for a number of public, private and state institutions or colleges of higher education. It is meant to offer a friendly invitation to international students to study at the leading universities situated between the friendly people and the beauties of land. The degree attained from Slovakia is a certified one and has a value across the globe.

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