Portugal student visa

The number of international students opting for studying in Portugal is increasing progressively. And, the count of English-speaking postgraduate programs in Portuguese universities or educational institution aims to lure a higher number of non-Portuguese speaking students. Portugal is very dynamic in the ERASMUS exchange programs as both a send and host nation. If you are a non-EU national or a foreign national, you need to obtain Portugal student visa in order to study and reside in this EU nation for a certain period of time.

Portugal student visa

Portugal remains to be a fascinating holiday destination and an even better choice for education.  International students who are planning to reside and study in Portugal for period of 90 days or less must have a special visa named as Schengen visa.  If the intention of stay is over 90 days, then they need to apply for long-stay visa. The long-stay visa is issued for the purpose of education and its duration is valid till the completion of course duration. It is then feasible to get health insurance through the institution or to sustain the current coverage they have through their home country.


International Students need to meet the following requirements in order to apply for a Portugal student visa:

·         A valid passport with a minimum validity period of three months after returning to native land

·         Completed student application form

·         Proof of travel itinerary

·         Acceptance letter or confirmed reservation

·         Proof of departure arrangements

·         Evidence of enough financial means to support themselves during their stay in Portugal

·         Health insurance coverage

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