Portugal is officially known as Portuguese republic and it is situated in south west of Europe. Actually, Portugal is the west most nations of Europe and it is bounded by Spain in east and Atlantic Ocean in west. This EU-nation has a long story in history and it is recognized as peacemaking country. It has experienced a varied mix of civilization in the past millennium.

Visit Portugal

This EU nation has long been most famous as a tourist destination. The country has numerous places that have range of activities to be discovered. Some place is renowned for sightseeing and fun, whereas some others are known for relaxing as well as enjoying the ambience of Portuguese life style. So, if individuals are planning to take a trip to Portugal and want to enjoy every diverse activity, then they should visit numerous places in a small stretch of time. Portugal is a very lovely country to visit - particularly for any individual in love with seafood.

Study in Portugal

Although it is true, that Portugal is famous tourist hot-spot, it has much more to offer for the visitors.  Today, this amazing EU nation is an up and coming member of the EU, willing to prove its abilities in more than tourism. And, Higher education is one among them. There are number of study opportunities offered by the universities in the Portugal for international students.

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