Poland student visa

Poland is an avenue for students to Europe. With a substantial Poland student visa, individuals can travel all over the Europe without holding any other visa for any EU nation in their study period.  This Leading EU nation is the first nation in the globe that has shaped Ministry of Education earlier in 1773. Warsaw, is the capital city of Poland and the country’s largest and major hub for higher education. There are nearly 70 universities, in and around the city. It is not mandatory to have knowledge in Polish language, as these leading universities offer a wide variety of courses in English language as well.

Education in Poland

The country’s academic staff offers a solid European education that lures more international students each year. An international student finds Warsaw as a city full of life, students and energy. While the populace of Warsaw does not surpass two million there are 300,000 students registered in city’s higher education institutions. But, being a non-EU national, they need to obtain Poland Student visa.

Study visa to Poland

International students who are intending to enter and study in Poland for more than 90 days should have a study visa in certain cases. Prior to applicants visit to Poland they need to obtain Student visa for Poland.


The following are the requirements of Poland student visa:

·         A Valid passport

·         Official letter of acceptance from a Poland college or university

·         School certificates and diplomas

·         Proof of proficiency in the language in which you want to study

·         Enough funds for studying and residing in Poland

·         Health insurance

·         Proof of Accommodation in Poland, if required

·        Transport documentation

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