Philippines has the streamlined immigration procedure, the foreign nationals willing to migrate must have valid travel document to enter Philippines. The Bureau of Immigration grants visas to Philippines, it is the sole discretion of the Philippines to issue visas to the foreign nationals.

Visa is mandatory to enter Philippines unless the traveler is from the following category:

  • If the immigrant is from the member state of Southeast Asian countries.
  • Non-ASEAN member nationals with free visa agreement with Philippines.
  • Balikbayan nationals on a temporary visit to Philippines.
Visa Waiver Program for foreign countries

Philippines as part of the diplomatic mission and to strengthen international relations introduced a policy of visa free travel to many countries. The visa free travel is the effective tool used by many countries to boost the tourism. The countries that have international trade relations with Philippines need not require visa to travel Philippines.
  • The foreign nationals must have valid passport to be eligible for the visa free permit.
  • Foreign nationals who do not require visa can apply for visa extension for two years and that can be extended for not more than two years.
  • For the foreign nationals who require visa to enter Philippines the visa can be extended for one month and the extension will be given for not more than six months.
  • Philippines Government in the month of March 2015, extended visa free travel to India and China.
Philippines - Visa Types

A tourist visa of Philippines is the requirement for temporary stay not exceeding 30 days.
A non-immigrant visa is issued for the purpose of job, trade, doing business and studying in the country.
Non-quota immigrant is applicable for the spouses and children of Philippines nationals and the Philippine born people coming back to the country again.
Quota immigrant visas are granted to skilled professionals who can benefit the economy of Philippines through their exceptional skills and great abilities.
The special resident retiree visa allows the foreign national indefinite stay in Philippines and applicants must deposit $ US 50 000. It is a non–immigrant status visa. 

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