New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the top immigration destinations in the world. It requires thousands of trained workers every year to productively work on industries and companies. New Zealand prefers several easy to follow & immigrant friendly work visa options.

Your success is getting a visa will depend on few things such as good health, offers, financial backing and good character. To gain residency in New Zealand you must have a good job offer.

New Zealand visa categories:

NZ has its own requirements and submissions procedure. These popular resident permits enable the applicants to work and live in Kiwi land.

Skilled Migrant Category:

It is basically meant for possess skills, experience which the nation requires. This point system is based on employment experience, age, skilled job, qualifications.

Work visas:

Work visas are involved with a line of work have an offer of employment from recognized firm.

New Zealand Visa Applications

Applicants seeking advisor services for filling NZ visa applications can only avail services of a licensed immigration advisor.

*The processing of NZ visa applications is done by our agent who is registered with The Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA). As per New Zealand immigration rules, it is mandatory to process an application or take an immigration advice from a Licensed immigration adviser. Migration Ideas is partnered with a Licensed Immigration Advisor in New Zealand for the promotion of New Zealand Immigration Services in India.

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