Malta student visa

There is no dearth of individuals who wish to study in Malta. This place is undeniably worth a visit if you want to visit to a diverse part of Europe that not a lot of people go to. Malta is one of the nations in the Schengen Area. There exist a number of private universities and colleges in Malta that encourages in internationals students to enter and study in Malta.

Malta student visa

Student visas are needed for all the international students travelling to study or visit Malta. Some nationalities (subsuming EU nationals) need a student visa if they wish to stay more than three months. However, non-EU nationals should apply for Malta student visa regardless of their duration of time spent in Malta.

Application for student visas

While applying for a Malta student visa, applicants should produce all the relevant details and credentials as the Maltese Embassy. The following are the required documents.

·         Completed application form

·         Valid passport/travel document

·         Student Status Letter from university faculty

·         Evidence of travel insurance to cover their duration of visit

·         Evidence of travel plans

·         Accommodation proof

·         Proof of economic means

·         Copies of all other relevant documents

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