Malaysia Dependent Visa

Malaysia dependent visa is a document given to international being the wife or dependent child of a holder of a valid employment visa to such wife or children to join and remain with main applicant in Malaysia.

This dependent pass authorizes the holder to enter Malaysia on or before the date given in the visa and to stay for such period as may be stated but not exceeding the period for the employment pass is issued to the father or husband of the holder of such dependent visa.

How do I apply for dependent visa?

The application for dependent visa can be submitted together with the application for the employment or after the employment pass is approved to the nearest immigration department of Malaysia.

Required documents for dependent visa:

  • Covering letter
  • Three recent photographs
  • Proof of relationship(Marriage certificate, Birth certificate, etc)
  • Passport copy of dependent

Process duration:

Two weeks approximately.


RM90.00 per year of part thereof – Passes

RM50.00 – Processing fee

RM500.00 – Journey performed visa fee (If applicable)

Visa fee is according to the nationality of the individual

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