Italy student visa

For those of you would love to study in a historic and romantic environment, Italy is an ideal destination. The history, food, art scene, vineyards, and people all add to an unbelievable experience living overseas. Just travelling the main cities such as Florence, Rome, and Venice are sufficient to make one’s dreams come true of so many individuals...but there is so much more to view and do! Consider a study abroad journey to enjoy weekends to ski the Alps, swim along the beaches of Sicily, and many more along with quality education.

Italy study visa

A study visa is needed for international students who take-part in long-term programs that are more than 90 days. With this visa, overseas nationals or non-EU nationals will be able to enter and study in the country for a certain period of time.                


The following are the requirements that must be met in order to obtain Italy student visa:

·         Invitation Letter from Private School which includes course duration, course description, weekly hours, availability of accommodation

·         Credential of acceptance/enrollment or pre-enrollment from school in Italy

·         Credential proving payment of course fees

·         Copy of Degree certificate

·         Travel vouchers/reservations

·         Medical Insurance coverage

·         A valid passport

·         Private financial guarantees

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