The most welcoming nation throughout the Europe is Italy. There is no racism issue in Italy. The country is nestled in the southern part of Europe and it is nicknamed as \"Boot\" due to its boot like geographical shape. Its history, food, culture, places, people, climate and so on—are far better than one can ever think of. This Boot nation is very desirable land that is blessed with historical heritage. A majority of artists love to spend their holiday vacations in Italy because of its magnificence especially the presence of the alpine land.

Whenever one thinks of Italy, the foremost thing that comes in the mind is its luscious food such as pasta, pizza pie and plenty of other delicious cuisine. Moreover, it is not only known for stunning churches, artistic, historic and spiritual elements, but also for standard education. The country has gained the fame as most sought-after destination for myriad international students

Study in Italy

The country has made remarkable progresses in the area of education, particularly in the higher education sector. There are abundant popular universities that offer quality education and even embrace English for all their subjects and classes.

Travel to Italy

Italy is a hub of attraction to romance and civilization. A holiday trip to Italy offer amazing vacations as well as full of entertainment and excitement. Italy is just the perfect place to be at, especially for honeymooners.

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