France student visa

France is the fourth popular study destination for internationals students. French is the second most admired language. When studying in France; one can experience some of the best cuisine in the world, visit the Eiffel tower. The culture and striking countryside are really some of the best jewels that Europe has to offer.

France student visa

If you would like to study in France, you might be required to obtain a French visa or permit based on individual’s situation and nationality. France student visa can be applicable to international students who are planning to study, either a short course, or registered in a French language class.

Who require France student visa

If you are a citizen from outside the European nations, you will need to get a student visa for France in order to be able to study your dream course. There are various types of French student visa, and the one you need differs based on the individual’s period and plan of study in France.

·         Schengen student visa (short-stay)

If your course of study or intent of stay is less than three months, then you can apply for Schengen student visa (short-stay)

·         Visa to sit entrance exams

If you want to travel to France in order to sit one or more university entrance exams, then you can apply for this visa

·         Temporary long-stay visa

The visa is a temporary student visa that allows you to undertake studies in France for a period up to six months.

·         Long-stay visa

You can apply for this visa, if you want o study in France for more than Six months 


Individuals need to meet the following requirements

·         University acceptance letter

·         Proof of sufficient funds

·         Proof of return ticket home

·         Proof of medical insurance

·         Proof of accommodation

·         Proof of proficiency in French

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