Estonia student visa

Estonia is one of the leading EU nations to turn one’s overseas dream into reality. Nestled in Europe, this nation has so much to offer for both visitors and international student. However, international students who are planning to study in Estonia must be aware that they need a visa to study and enter to the Estonia, if they are from non-EU nations.

Estonia student visa

Depending on the individual’s nationality and length of stay, they need to apply for an Estonia student visa. As Estonia is part of the Schengen area, this country has alike rules to other countries within the Schengen region in Europe as we explains in further detail. This nation mainly offers two visa categories: short-term visa as well as longer-stay visa. The disparity between the two is explained by the duration of their time in Estonia:

If individuals plan to travel to Estonia for a period less than six month, then they may need to apply for a visa based on the passport.

Short-term C visa

If applicant’s intent of stay is less than three months, then they need to apply for a Short-term C visa.  

Long-stay visa (type D)

If applicants are course of duration is over three months, then they should apply for Long-stay visa (type D).


To obtain visa individuals need to meet the following requirements

·         A valid travel document

·         Insurance policy

·         Proof of accommodation

·         Proof of funds

·         Acceptance letter

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