Start-up Denmark or Self-Employment

In order to perform an independent company in Denmark. An entrepreneur should have an innovative business idea so that it can be contributed to the growth and new employment in Denmark.  For a self-employed person,  you should apply for a residence and work permit under the Start-up Denmark scheme. This scheme can also be used by two persons also.


  • Business idea should be approved by the panels of experts
  • Must submit a document regarding that you can support  yourself for the first year of stay
  • Must actively participate in the day to day operations of the company
  • Shareholders are not eligible for the Danish residence and work permit
  • Maximum 50 residence and work permits are approved by start-up Denmark scheme i.e. from 1st January to 31st December
  • Denmark scheme is granted for maximum of two years with a possibility of extension of three years
  • If you are willing to shut down the company and want to start a new company you must apply for a new residence and work permit
  • Must provide a document that you have your disposal amount equivalent to one year’s social benefits for single non-provider’s over the age of 30.
The annual amount is DKK 131,616 for the main applicant (12*10,968, 2016 level).

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