N?t until recently w?? it overtaken by N?rw?? as th? happiest place to live ?n Earth, D?nm?rk ?? a ??untr? with m?n?m?l ?r?m? r?t? and it r?nk? ?m?ng th? safest ??untr??? in th? w?rld. B???? amenities needed f?r a ?????t? to thr?v? ?r? being ??t up by the g?v?rnm?nt. F?r th??? v???t?ng, th? m?gn?f???nt ?mb??n?? ?f four hundr?d islands ?? a w?nd?rful ??ght t? b?h?ld.

The D?nm?rk Schengen v??? ?? one ?f th? v???? ???u?d by the g?v?rnm?nt t? ???? b?rd?r m?v?m?nt?. It ?? ?m??rt?nt t? n?t? th?t th?? particular v??? ???l???t??n is based ?n m??n destination ?r th? ???nt ?f first entry for ??r??n? h?v?ng the ??m? dur?t??n ?f ?t?? f?r ?ll d??t?n?t??n?. Th? D?m?rk S?h?ng?n V???t?r V??? is d???gn?d for persons that ?r? ?mb?rk?ng ?n ??r??n?l tr???.

D?nm?rk S?h?ng?n v??? ?? a ??????l kind of visa which ?ll?w? you t? travel among ?ll th? S?h?ng?n countries but ??ur m??n theme ?f tr?v?l b??ng ?n D?nm?rk wh??h m??n?:

  • D?nm?rk will be your main d??t?n?t??n ?f tr?v?l.
  • D?nm?rk ?? wh?r? ??u w?ll be ???nd?ng m??t ?f your days ?n the tr??.
  • D?nm?rk ?? your f?r?t ???nt ?f entry ?nt? Eur???. Y?ur fl?ght/ ?h?? f?r?t ?nt?r? D?nm?rk.


T? b? d??m?d qualified for this Denmark Visit visa, the f?ll?w?ng must b? ??t??f??d:

  • Tw? ?r?g?n?l ??????rt-??z? photographs will b? n??d?d fr?m th? ???l???nt.
  • A??l???nt’? ??????rt must b? useable 90 d??? after th? day h?/?h? ?? to return t? h??/h?r ??untr?.
  • D??um?nt ?h?w?ng health ?n?ur?n?? ???m?nt ?f ?t l???t €30,000 f?r th? entire S?h?ng?n ?r??.
  • A cover letter ?t?t?ng th? ?ur???? ?f visit to D?nm?rk and ?t?n?r?r?.
  • Fl?ght It?n?r?r? w?th dates ?nd fl?ght numb?r? ?????f??ng ?ntr? ?nd ?x?t from D?nm?rk.
  • Hotel R???rv?t??n f?r the wh?l? dur?t??n of th? ?nt?nd?d ?t?? ?n D?nm?rk.
  • Pr??f ?f ??v?l ?t?tu? (marriage ??rt?f???t?, birth certificate ?f children, d??th certificate ?f spouse, r?t??n ??rd if ???l???bl?).
  • M??n? ?f subsistence – Proof ?f sufficient f?n?n???l m??n? for the period ?f stay ?n Denmark.


Th? holder of th? S?h?ng?n V??? ?nj??? th? ?r?v?l?g? ?f touring ?r accessing countries under the S?h?ng?n pact.

Visa Fee Structure:

Th? f?? ?h?rg?d f?r th?? V??? ?? DKK 450.

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