As ??rt ?f th? D?n??h Government ?l?n? towards th? un?f???t??n of families together, th? Denmark Gr??n Card D???nd?nt Visa was ??t?bl??h?d. The v??? ?? ??m?d ?t ?ll?w?ng ?r g?v?ng opportunities t? h?ld?r? of D?nm?rk Green C?rd t? ??m? into D?nm?rk with their ???u??? ?nd d???nd?nt unm?rr??d ?h?ldr?n wh? ?r? below th? age ?f 18 ???r?.

Green C?rd h?ld?r? ?r? ??r??n? wh? are allowed t? l?v? ?nd w?rk in D?nm?rk if th?? ???r? ?n?ugh points b???d u??n ?r?t?r?? ?u?h ?? ?g?, l?ngu?g? ?k?ll?, w?rk ?x??r??n??, ?nd ?du??t??n. If you ???r? ?t l???t 100 ???nt?, ??u ??n ?bt??n a residence permit v?l?d f?r up to 18 months. In ?dd?t??n, ?t allows th?m to bring their immediate f?m?l? along.

Th?r?f?r?, D?nm?rk Gr??n C?rd D???nd?nt V??? ?? intended for ???u??? ?nd dependent unmarried ?h?ldr?n und?r th? ?g? ?f 18 ?f D?nm?rk Gr??n Card who w?nt to go t?g?th?r w?th their ???u?? ?r parents to th? country.

Who ?r? ?l?g?bl??

Th??? ?l?g?bl? f?r th?? visa ?r? spouses and dependent unmarried ?h?ldr?n ?f holders of D?nm?rk Green Card. Th??? d???nd?nt? will b? eligible for r???d?n?? permits.

Gr??n ??rd ??rm?t holders ??n br?ng th??r spouse, registered ??rtn?r or cohabiting partner, ?? w?ll ?? ?n? ?h?ldr?n und?r the age ?f 18 who ?r? l?v?ng at home w?th th?m.

Th? b?n?f?t that th?? v??? ?ff?r? ?? th?t ???u??, registered ??rtn?r ?r cohabiting ??rtn?r ?f D?nm?rk Green C?rd h?ld?r? ?r? allowed to work full-t?m? f?r the ?nt?r? ??r??d t?ll th? v?l?d?t? ?x??r??.


T? b? d??m?d ?u?l?f??d for this type ?f Denmark ?mm?gr?t??n, d???nd?nt? ?f a Gr??n Card h?ld?r wh? w??h f?r family reunification n??d t? ?r?v? ?n? of th? following:

  • V?l?d ??????rt with m?n?mum 1 ???r validity.
  • Spouses n??d to ?ubm?t m?rr??g? certificate.
  • R?g??t?r?d & ??h?b?t?t?ng partner n??d to ?r?v?d? relevant d??um?nt? to prove th??r relationship.
  • Y?ur ?g? ?h?uld n?t exceed 18 ???r? ?f ??u ?r? th? d???nd?nt children of th? ???n??r.
  • B?rth ??rt?f???t?? of ?h?ldr?n n??d t? b? submitted.


The financial ?nv?lv?m?nt for this v??? is as f?ll?w?:

  • S??u?? D???nd?nt: DKK 130,188.
  • S??u?? w?th Child: DKK 172, 992.

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