Th?ugh ?t h?? b??n l???fr?gg?d b? N?rw?? as th? h??????t place to l?v? on E?rth, D?nm?rk ?? a ??untr? with minimal crime r?t? and ?t ranks ?m?ng th? safest ??untr??? ?n th? w?rld. Basic infrastructural n??d? for a society t? thr?v? ?r? b??ng ??t up b? th? g?v?rnm?nt. For th??? visiting, th? magnificent beauties ?f f?ur hundred ??l?nd? ?r? w?nd?rful sights t? b?h?ld. Th? family r?un?f???t??n is a ??h?m? put ?n ?l??? for couples, ??h?b?t?ng partners and ?h?ldr?n (d???nd?nt) who w?uld w?nt to ????m??n? th??r ???u?? or partner or parents t? Denmark. Thereby giving th?m ?????? t? ??rv???? such as free h??lth ??r?, ?nd excellent transport ??rv????.

Th?? scheme ?ll?w? its holder a t?m??r?r? r???d?n?? ??rm?t ?f 3 years, wh??h ??n b? ?n?r????d for ?n? ???r ?nd further increased t? f?ur ???r?. Th? ??rm?t ???u?d can ?nl? b? ?xt?nd?d t? a Danish temporary residence ??rm?t holder f?r a m?n?mum of 5 years ?? qualified t? ???l? f?r a permanent r???d?n?? v??? which allows h?m/h?r t? stay for an unlimited ??r??d.


In ?rd?r t? qualify f?r D?nm?rk ?mm?gr?t??n through D?nm?rk F?m?l? ?mm?gr?t??n, the f?ll?w?ng mu?t be ??t??f??d:

  • S??u???/??rtn?r? ??t?ng f?r th?? scheme must be ?t l???t 24 ???r?.
  • A??l???nt ?? expected t? ??rf?rm ?b?v? average in th? D?n??h language test th?t w?ll b? taken.
  • In th? case ?f f?m?l?, ?n? of the ??r?nt/? mu?t m??t ??rt of the conditions for b??ng granted a ??rm?n?nt r???d?n?? ??rm?t in D?nm?rk.
  • Th? Child must n?t have ?t?rt?d h?? ?r her f?m?l? thr?ugh m?rr??g? or ??h?b?t?ng partnership.
  • A??l???nt? mu?t ??????? ??????rt that is valid f?r ?t l???t ?n? year.
  • M?rr??g? ??rt?f???t? f?r spouses ?? needed.
  • Birth ??rt?f???t? ?f ?h?ldr?n to b? ?ubm?tt?d.


  • G?t Denmark ??t?z?n?h?? ?r D?n??h nationality on a continuous ?t?? ?f m?n?mum nine ???r?.
  • Y?u ?r? also allowed t? work in D?nm?rk f?r th? ?nt?r? period.

Fee Structure:

  • DKK 64404/?nnum ??r person f?r spouses ?r ??h?b?t?ng ??rtn?r?.
  • DKK 16104/annum ??r child f?r married ?r cohabiting parents.
  • DKK 19428/?nnum ??r ?h?ld f?r single ??r?nt?.

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