Denmark Student Dependent Visa is designed for international students planning to study in Denmark whose Educational standard is world class, having basis infrastructure that facilitates the learning process. Th??? ?nt?rn?t??n?l students ?n Denmark ??n come ?l?ng w?th th??r ???u??, registered ??rtn?r ?r ??h?b?t?ng ??rtn?r, ?? well as ?n? children und?r the ?g? ?f 18 who ?r? l?v?ng at h?m? w?th them. Th? d???nd?nt? will be ?l?g?bl? for a residence permit.

It is required of th? h?ld?r to b? ?bl? t? ?u???rt th??? ????m??n??ng h?m ?n terms ?f f?n?n??. The residence ??rm?t for ??ur ????m??n??ng f?m?l? m?mb?r ??n b? extended ?l?ng w?th ??ur ??rm?t ?f ?ll conditions ?r? ?t?ll b??ng m?t. Th? ??r??d ?f ??ur f?m?l? m?mb?r'? ??rm?t w?ll match yours.

Who n??d? a student v??? f?r D?nm?rk?

Non-EU/EEA/Switzerland ?tud?nt? w?ll h?v? t? apply for a ?tud?nt visa.


T? b? deemed ?u?l?f??d f?r th? Denmark Stud?nt visa, you ?r? r??u?r?d t? ??t??f? the f?ll?w?ng:

  • The holder mu?t h?v? b??n admitted ?nt? an ???r?v?d ?n?t?tut??n f?r h?gh?r education.
  • Valid ??????rt.
  • Th? holder of th?? v??? mu?t b? ?bl? to support ?nd ????mm?d?t? himself/herself ?n D?nm?rk.
  • Tr?v?l ?n?ur?n?? v?l?d for th? ?x???t?d duration of ??ur ?t?? (minimum ??v?r?g? is 30,000 EUR).
  • Must b? ?bl? t? speak ?n? of th? f?ll?w?ng languages- D?n??h/ English/ Sw?d??h/ N?rw?g??n or German.
  • Such a ??r??n’? r???d?n?? permit is v?l?d for ?n ?dd?t??n?l one ???r of ??ur?? completion.
  • D??um?nt?t??n that ??u can support ??ur f?m?l? members that w?ll be with you.


  • After graduating, a residence ??rm?t holder ?? allowed t? ?t?? f?r an additional 6 months to find a j?b ?n D?nm?rk.
  • S?m??n? with this r???d?n?? ??rm?t ?t ?n? higher ?du??t??n?l ?r?gr?m ?? ?t l?b?rt? t? ??m? w?th f?m?l? m?mb?r? t? D?nm?rk.
  • Th?? ?l?tf?rm g?v?? the ??t??n ?f not ???l??ng for a work permit to any accompanying f?m?l?.
  • M?mb?r since the right to w?rk ?r study ?? ?n?lud?d in the r???d?n?? ??rm?t ??t.
  • Y?ur accompanying f?m?l? m?mb?r d??? n?t n??d t? ???l? f?r a w?rk ??rm?t, ?? th? r???d?n?? permit ?n?lud?? th? right t? w?rk ?r study during the stay ?n Denmark.

Fee Structure:

P??m?nt of v??? processing fee (t?????ll? €60) and a ??rv??? fee to th? V??? A??l???t??n C?ntr?.

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