The policies implemented by the Government of Denmark in the area of immigration are quite enticing to foreign students. It is no longer news that Denmark Universities are very popular among international students because the Universities are known for educational standards. Certificates issued by these institutions are recognized and accepted all over the world. Foreign students from various continents come to Denmark to obtain their Ph.D. in diversified areas ranging from Biological Sciences to Environmental Sciences and more.

In Denmark, the Ph.D. program last for three years. Research is carried out in a specified area. In order to be qualified for this, a qualification that is at par with the Masters degree awarded by Danish Universities will be needed.

Popular Universities in Denmark

Aarhus University

Aalborg University

University of Copenhagen

Copenhagen Business School

Technical University of Denmark

IT University of Copenhagen

Popular Courses in PhD

Ph.D. in Aeromicrobiology

Ph.D. in Health Sciences

Ph.D. in hazardous chemicals in environment

Ph.D. in life Sciences

Ph.D. in Microsensor analysis in environmental sciences

Popular PhD Courses

PhD in Aeromicrobiology

PhD in Microsensor Analysis in Environmental Sciences

PhD in Health Sciences

PhD in Hazardous Chemicals in the Environment

PhD in Life Sciences


The following requirements to study in Denmark must be satisfied by you if want to study in Denmark:

  • Have a valid passport.
  • That he/she can speak and communicate in any of Danish, German, English or Sweden.
  • Have been admitted to a Ph.D. program at a Danish university and is paid by the university or a company attached to the Ph.D. program, and that he/she can thus support himself/herself.
  • Present a proof of sufficient funds for education and housing support in Denmark.
  • Proof of admission letter.
  • Proof of previously earned educational qualifications.
  • Proof of proficiency in The Danish language if your course is Danish.

Fees Structure:

  • Embassy charges for Ph.D. students: € 224
  • Employed PhDs and research trainees, Researchers: € 425

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