The colleges and universities of Denmark are well known among international students. The universities are known for exceptional educational standards, which happen to be one of the reasons for the influx of international students from other countries and continents to study in Denmark. Accreditation and certificates issued by these colleges and universities are accepted all over the world. The government of Denmark in this vain has initiated various immigration policies to invite overseas students.

From various continents, every year international students come to study in Denmark to in an environment that accelerates learning processes. By this measure, they (students) acquire first class international qualifications in diverse areas consisting IT, engineering, social sciences and more.

The Higher institutions in Denmark fall into the following:

  • The universities where degrees such as Bachelor, Masters, Ph.D. are awarded in numerous disciplines. There are actually eight in number.
  • The University colleges are another aspect of Danish Higher Education. Here vocational courses are handled. These colleges are also eight in number.
  • The Danish Business Academies gives one the option profession based programs. They number up to ten.

Popular Danish Universities:

  • Aarhus University
  • Aalborg University
  • Copenhagen Business School
  • Roskilde University
  • University of Copenhagen

Technical University of Denmark

University of Southern Denmark

Popular Courses in Bachelors:

To obtain Bachelors in Denmark, International students can choose from any of these courses:

Public Administration



Environmental Biology

Molecular Biology

Global Studies


Cultural Encounters

Computer Science

Economics and Business Administration (BSc)


Economics and Business Administration

Popular Courses in Masters Degree in Denmark

To obtain Masters in Denmark or Postgraduate in Denmark, International students can choose from any of these courses:

Urban Planning and Management


Sustainable Energy Planning and Management



International Business

Corporate Social Responsibility

Supply Chain and Operations Management


Someone opting for this program must have the following:

  • Valid passport
  • College admission letter
  • Educational certificates
  • Sufficient Fund

Fee Structure:

The Denmark Visa application fee is currently DKK 1,645 /(€ 222)

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