Denmark Education Assessment is ?n ?m??rt?nt aspect ?n D?nm?rk wh??h ?? m??nt f?r checking the ?l?g?b?l?t? ?f a person applying for a Danish Green C?rd ?r a ?tud?nt ?n ?ur?u?t ?nt? any of the Danish ?tud? ?r?gr?m. The ???r?t??n of Denmark Education Assessment is ?ff??t?d by an Agency kn?wn ?? The D?n??h Agency for Universities and Int?rn?t??n?l?z?t??n (DAUI).

Th? DAUI w??gh? ??m?l?t?d f?r??gn ?du??t??n ?r?gr?m w?th Edu??t??n ?n Denmark ?nd w?th D?n??h ?du??t??n structure t? ensure required ?t?nd?rd? are met.

Common Obj??t?v?? f?r th?? assessment is to ?r?v?d? a b???? f?r ?tud?nt assessment ?nd evaluation f?r those wh? w?nt t? ?tud? ?n D?nm?rk. C?ntr?l ?nd mun?????l ?ff?rt? ?r? ??tu? to gu?d? schools on evaluation ?nd assessment ??t?v?t???.  Also, an increased ?u???rt for th? u?? ?f ?v?d?n?? ?nd research t? inform evaluation ?nd ??????m?nt policies u?u?ll? gives rise t? a g??d m?x ?f teacher judgment ?nd ?t?nd?rd ?x?m?n?t??n?. With th?? S?h?m? ?n place, strategic ?l?n? ?r? ?m?l?m?nt?d t? ?m?r?v? th? ?nt?gr?t??n ?f ?r?v?t? ??h??l? ?n th? evaluation ?nd ??????m?nt framework.

Why Assessment is necessary

Denmark Gr??n C?rd ?? a point b???d ?mm?gr?t??n ???t?m ?nd educational ?u?l?f???t??n is given ?n ??m??r???n to D?n??h Educational ?t?nd?rd.


To carry out the Denmark Education Assessment, the following must be met:

  • You mu?t h?v? ??ur C?rt?f???t??.
  • A d??um?nt wh??h has ?ll th? studied subjects.
  • N?t?f? if discrepancies ???ur ?n the n?m?? that ?????r ?n th? d??um?nt?.
  • Pr?f????n?? ?n Danish language.
  • Applicant mu?t ??rf?rm w?ll in t??t ??ndu?t?d.


  • It ensures th? ?t?tu? ?f ?du??t??n?l points.
  • Educational qualification is given ?n comparison to Danish Edu??t??n?l standards.A?d? ?n conducting r????r?h ?n ?ff??t?v? ?l???r??m ??????m?nt practices ?nd d?v?l?? t???h?r ??????m?nt ??m??t?n????.
  • Stud?nt? ?r? actively ?ng?g?d w?th ?nd proficient ?n ??????m?nt.
  • T???h?ng standard is d?v?l???d to gu?d? professional d?v?l??m?nt and appraisal.
  • Creation ?f a career ?tru?tur? w?th key ?t?g?? and ?ntr?du?? ??rt?f???t??n f?r ??r??r ?r?gr?????n.
  • Strengthen d?v?l??m?nt?l teacher ???r????l.
  • Reinforce linkages b?tw??n t???h?r ???r????l, ?r?f?????n?l d?v?l??m?nt, ?nd ??h??l d?v?l??m?nt.

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