As part of the offers to business visitors by Danish Government, several persons are at liberty to troop into Denmark for business and investment opportunities. In order to grab these opportunities, applicants can apply for the Denmark Business Visa so as to gain entry into Denmark for the exploration of the available business opportunities. However, before one can be granted this visa, one must have an existing relationship with a Danish company and the relationship must be established before entry into Denmark. Also, your intention of visit must be related to your business line as undertaken by you in your country. However, if you are qualified for Denmark Work Permit, you will not be issues with a Denmark Business visa. This may be the case if you are receiving a salary in Denmark as a trainee, or if you are employed by a foreign partner company of Danish or affiliated companies, and you are in Denmark to work for a Danish business. If this applies to you, you should apply for a Denmark work permit not Denmark business visa.


The following requirements for Denmark Business Visa must be fulfilled before the business visa can be issued. 

For Business Owners:

  • Valid commercial identity card (ICCIM) which is required in a coloured copy format.
  • Valid employment/Student Identity card required in a coloured copy format.
  • Proof of significant business involvement with a company in Denmark. Which could be any deed agreed upon.
  • All expenses to be incurred during the business trip must be stated in the letter of invitation.

For Employees:

  • Contractual document to ascertain the veracity of the employee.
  • Payroll of the employee as stated by the company for the past two months.
  • Original valid identification card with a copy.
  • Letter stating the invitation by the Danish company to be visited.
  • A document from your firm approving your travel.
  • Financial statement of the past 6 six months.
  • The Originals of the documents mentioned above will be needed.


Denmark business visa holders can live and undertake certain work opportunities in Denmark for the duration their visa covers.

Fee Structure

The fee for this Visa is 70 USD, it is to be paid in cash. It should be known that whether or not this visa is approved, the fee paid would not be refunded.

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