Czech Republic student visa

Every year, a number of international students from varied nations decide to study in Czech Republic. A third country citizen or non-EU national, who is not a Czech, needs to acquire either a long-term visa or a long-term residence permit for the purpose of education provided that he or she plans to reside temporarily in the Czech Republic for a period over 3 months.

In order to study in Czech Republic, as student, applicants need to meet the definition. The term definition of “studies” includes higher vocational schools, secondary education, other higher educational establishments as well as universities and professional training facilities.

Czech Republic student visa

Initially, applicants need to apply for admission in any of the destined university in Czech Republic. After being accepted by the university in the Czech Republic, the student should start applying to the native Czech embassy and for a visa. The whole procedure of obtaining a visa for study purposes can take a maximum of 60–90 days, so it is recommended to apply for Czech Republic student visa well in advance.


The following are the requirements that must be met in order to obtain Czech Republic visa:

·         Completed visa application form

·         Valid Passport

·         Proof of fee payment

·         Police clearance certificate

·         Acceptance letter from university in Czech Republic

·         Accommodation confirmation letter

·         Medical Health Insurance

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