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Canada is a great place to visit. This country charms almost every traveler who travels to this Maple Leaf nation. Canada is a preferred destination for the travelers from all over the globe. However, it is mandatory to get a tourist visit visa especially when you are lodging an application from developing nation from India.

Why visit Canada

Canada is one of the most desirable nations with some striking landscapes. The country is popularly renowned for its industrial improvements, huge topography and prosperous natural resources. It is combination of awe-inspiring tourist attractions, unique sites and natural beauty. All these things entice foreign nationals to visit Canada for tourism.

Canada Visit visa

This visa is granted for foreign nationals or non-Canadians individuals who want to visit Canada for a short term period either for tourism and visiting loved ones. Depending on the place an applicant stay, they should meet the criteria.


Visit visa to Canada is granted if applicants meet the below requirements:

  • A valid passport
  • Abide by health requirements
  • Proof should be produced which states applicants ties with nation such as home, financial assets, job or family relations
  • Willing to leave the country after the purpose of visit
  • Adequate amount of finance to survive in Canada

Individuals can also require a

  • Short-term resident (visitor) visa, depending on their citizenship status
  • Undergo medical exam and
  • Invitation letter from somebody who is already living in Canada

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