Dependent Visa

Canada is a land of myriad job opportunities that gives red carpet welcome for skilled immigrants. Even, skilled professionals from all over the globe prefer to migrate to Canada either temporarily or permanently. After migrating and settling in Canada as a permanent resident they can sponsor and bring in their eligible family members to accompany them in Canada.

Canada Dependent Visa

This visa is granted for spouse or common-law partner or dependent children of the Canadian national or permanent resident who is over 18 years of age.

Who are eligible?

In order to apply for this visa, applicants must be:

·         Sponsor

·         Common-law partner or conjugal partner

·         Dependent children

Requirements for Sponsor

Sponsors or primary applicant who is already residing in Canada must

·         Meet basic needs like food, clothing and shelter—for themselves and their family,

·         Support their relative financially and

·         Agreed to support their dependents financially, for spouse this lasts for three years and for dependents, this lasts for 10 years, or till they turn 25 years

Eligibility for Spouse

·         He or she should officially married to a PR holder or Canadian national 

Eligibility for Dependents

·         Applicant should be son or daughter whose age is under 22 and does not have a spouse or common law partner

·         Applicant should be son or daughter whose age is above 22 who enrolled in full-time studies in Canada and depend financially on the parent

·         Health and character requirements need to be met

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