Canada Dependent Work Permit Visa

The work permit visa is a short-term visa that allows people to work and live in Canada. It is not point based category and foreign national doesn’t have to meet their any points in order to qualify. Acquire a Canada work permit, Canada work visa to Canada is a 2 step process

  • Employer has to acquire a letter of verification from HRSDC
  • Employer has to apply for Work visa to Canada consulate and work permit.

Here the fundamental requirement is to have an employment offer from Canadian employer who should reveal that they are unable to find suitable permanent/Canadians residents to fill jobs. The employer has to obtain a LOM (Letter of Confirmation) from HRSDC (Human Resource and Skills Development Canada) unless exempted. Dispensations exist that allow applicants to apply directly to CIC for Canada work permit.

Additionally, Candidates also require temporary resident visa to stay in Canada. Work visa holders will be allowed to come and work in Canada for sponsored employer in specific role for a period between six months to two years. Applicants can also bring their dependents along with them. Accompanying children’s and partners may also eligible to study and work.

The work visa will not allow for permanent stay in Canada. Applicant has to qualify under an immigration category such as Live in category, skilled worker at that time the applicant can stay permanently if they certain requirements.

Eligibility for applicant who are applying form outside Canada

  • Applicants must meet following requirements:

  • Candidate should not have any criminal record
  • Should meet health requirements
  • They have to prove that they are not a risk to the security of the country
  • Candidates  must be in a position to submit additional documents if required

Eligibility for applicant who are applying from inside Canada

  • Applicant must have valid study on Canada work visa, Canada work permit and more.
  • Applicants must have Canada work visa for one job are applying for a Canada work visa,  Canada work permit for a different job
  • Must have temporary resident permit valid for 6 months or more.

Dependents are permitted to accompany the candidate as long as they apply applicant or else they have to apply for new application. Dependents include law partner, spouse, children are allowed to work in Canada. Dependents are allowed to work in Canada provide they apply and hold a valid Canada work visa and Canada work permit. Candidates from country whose nationals need a temporary visa usually know as a visitor visa would also be required for visa application.

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