Austria Red White Red Card


Austria’s Red-White-Red (RWR) visa provides a more competent immigration system for foreign qualified workers along with their families to migrate to Austria and settle indefinitely in Austria once they satisfy certain personal, labor market and other requirements.

Basic eligibility requirements for immigration to Austria through the Red White Red Card to Austria include language proficiency, work experience, valid credentials among others.


To be eligible for Austria Red White Red Card, the applicant has to score up to 70% on the basis of points criteria. The points are awarded based on the applicant’s qualification, language skills, and work experience relevant to the applicant’s field.

The following groups of applicants are eligible for Red White Red Card to Austria:

  • Certified graduates of colleges and universities of any higher education within Austria
  • Skilled employees in demand professions
  • Highly qualified employees
  • Other important workers


Austria Red White Red Card allows applicants to immigrate to Austria with their immediate family (spouse and children who are not above 18 years of ages).

Once the holder of this permit stays in Austria for up to 10 months with a particular employer, he or she may request and obtain an Austrian Red White Red Card Plus which comes with gives him or her complete access to the labor market.

Once the holder of this visa lives up to 5 years in Austria, he or she is qualified to apply for a permanent residence in the country.

With this, the applicant can get citizenship in due time.

Visa Fee

Austria Red-White-Red Visa application fee is set at Euro 100.

Please note that this price may be reviewed at any time by the authorities without prior notice. The applicant should confirm the current price for this visa at the time of filing this application.

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