Austria Family Reunification


Austria is known to be one of the world’s most prosperous nations and she has a lot to offer to foreign skilled professionals who have both work experience and the right knowledge. The Austria government has made provision to accommodate the families of these foreign skilled professionals to migrate into the country.

The foreign skilled professional must be either have a Red-White-Red Card or either a citizen or a permanent resident of the country before his or her family members can apply for the dependent visa. The relatives of a skilled professional who are third country nationals (neither members of Swiss nor the economic European area) who intend to stay in Austria for up to 6 months need to get valid permission in form of a residence title that will correspond to their residence purpose.


Only the following family members are eligible

  • Spouses (must be up to 21 years of age when filling the application form).
  • Unmarried minors (children below 21 years), including step and adoptive children.
  • Registered or Common-law partners (must be up to 21 years of age when filling the application form).

Residence Title Approved to Dependent Family Members

Provided the relevant granting requirements are satisfied:

  • The family members of a foreign skilled professional who holds a Red-White-Red Card, an EU Blue card or is a third country national with the title of a Long-Term Resident in Austria, will earn the title “Red-White-Red Card plus”.
  • The family members of Austrian nationals will earn the title “Family Member”.
  • Any other dependent of an Austrian national will earn the title “Settlement Permit – Dependant”.

Documents required for the family reunification of Austria

  • Proof of Sponsor holder Enough Funds Valid travel document
  • Passport size photo
  • Birth Certificate
  • Health Insurance
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Documents should be valid for accommodation


  • Austria Family Reunification allows the family members of foreign skilled professionals to live with them.
  • The dependent family members get new titles that allow them to move freely around in Austria.

Fee Visa

The fee is set at €120, €80 for the application and €20 when granted. Plus an extra €20 for personalisation.

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