Quality of Life in Austria

Austria is a German-speaking nation that sits in the heart of Europe and possesses a rich store of cultural heritage and spectacular landscapes. Austria’s economy is robust and is known to be one of the richest across the globe, with her capital, Vienna, rated as one of the most attractive cities in the world. Austrians enjoy one of the highest quality of living not just in Europe but also across the globe. Their stable political system and rich cultural diversity both add up to the high-quality lifestyle of the locals and tourists.

Security in Austria

Austria is built on strong values, and one of these fundamental values for the country is their security. Austria is a nation known for its low crime rate. Austria is one of the safest places in Europe. The country offers excellent security conditions for both domestic and foreign companies and business to grow and thrive favorably. The country’s policies on retirement benefits and social insurance help to curtail social insecurity making the Austria a safe place to run one’s business.

Education in Austria

Education is an essential factor for the economic and social growth of a country and Austria seems to understand this very well. Austria runs a free and public educational system and the government has made 9 years of education mandatory for everyone.

The quality of education in Austria is sound and culturally rich. Though it may not be as high as that of the United States of America or the United Kingdom, Immigrants in Austria can rest assured that their children will get one of the finest quality of education not just in Europe but all over the world.

The educational sector in Austria offers students the choice of attending public, private, bilingual or international schools. The educational system in Austria welcomes a rich number of foreigners yearly coming into their schools. Somehow, the educational institutions in the country have found a way to ingeniously offer quality education at a cheap cost.

These institutions offer both theoretical and practical education to equip their students to compete with the rest of the world. They are flexible and this allows the students to study and still take up part-time jobs even without a work permit.

The educational sector in Austria offers students the choice of attending public, private, bilingual or international schools.

Work in Austria

Citizens of any of the EU member states, Switzerland and Liechtenstein receive the same treatment like other Austrians and thus do not need work or residence permits to do business or work in Austria; however, they have to register their presence in Austria with the local authorities before the end of the third day in the country.

Immigrants in Austria from outside the European Union may encounter one or two problems obtaining a work permit in Austria. Work permits are given individually and cannot be used by another dependent member in the family. Each member of the family must apply separately if they intend to work.

The country’s entry into the European Union has increased the industries for Austria; increasing the demand for skilled workforces as well as opening opportunities for investment in Austrian businesses and industries.

Health Benefits in Austria

Austria boasts of one of the best healthcare standards anyone can get in Europe. Austria’s health care system offers all her citizens and residents free access to basic healthcare. The healthcare services cover tourists and others who are living in the country on a short or temporary basis. Austria’s basic healthcare includes basic dental care, treatment in public hospitals, medication, and some consultations with certain specialties.

Expatriates living in Austria are entitled to enjoy public health care since they make contributions through the taxes they pay.

Since Austria enjoys quality public healthcare, citizens and residents do not invest in their private health services so much.

However, there are a few who prefer to stick to the private healthcare services which offer shorter waiting hours and more number of services.

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