The US Student Dependent Visa is a category of non-immigrant visas that allow dependent spouses and unmarried children, under the age of 21, of an international student, to also gain entrance into the US. There are 2 visas in this category- the F2 and J2 visas, and both are dependent on an F1 and J1 visa holder respectively. Children with the US Student Dependent Visas may attend any certified school in the US, but dependent spouses are not allowed to engage in any business activity. 


The sponsor, who is the US F1 visa holder, is required to produce evidence that he or she has sufficient funds to sponsor and cover all expenses that may be incurred during their stay in the US. Holders of the US F1 visa do not need to apply for the extension of their visa and they lose their eligibility to stay in the US once the visa of the F1 family relative expires. However, the F2 visa holder can upgrade his or her status to that of an F1 visa holder but is not entitled to the benefits of an F1 visa holder until the application is approved.

Along with these, the following documents are required for the application of the Dependent Visa to USA:

  • Valid passports of the applicants
  • Recent photographs of the applicants
  • Recent bank statements, not more than 3 months,  of the sponsor
  • A copy of the Sponsor’s Form I-20 
  • Civil certificates, like birth and marriage certificate


Holders of the Dependents visa in USA are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Children of the F1 or J1 visa holder are entitled to attend any certified school in the US.
  • It allows the immediate family members to join their US counterpart for as long as the visa of the US counterpart remains valid.

Fee Structure:

The US Student Dependent Visa application fee is $160.00

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