US L1 Visa

This visa allows to transfer certain categories on employees to work in United States for 7 years. And the applicant should have worked for overseas companies for at least 1 year out of 3 years. There is no limit to the L1s available in the year.

Sponsored L1 visa for executives and managers:

Applicants will be required to show senior professional staff key function. Visa will be granted for three years and is twice to a period of 7 years.

Specialized knowledge staff:

Applicant must show the knowledge of company’s services and products, systems, research, management. Applicant will get a visa for three years and this visa can be extended for five years.

Eligibility for L1 visa:

  • All L1 employees must have employed by the overseas company for at least 1 year of the 3 years.
  • Employee should have been indirectly or directly employed by the overseas company.
  • Employee should have been employed as a manager, executive or worker. Executives and managers should be supervising managerial staff and teams and control the direct day to day operations.

Visa Fee:

Visa fee $160

Zentora Fees, Costs & Refund Policy:

Zentora offers guidance and advice for best documentation. We assist and guide at each and every step till you get visa. Zentora offers best service in documentation and our processes are standard & process consultants are best in the world.

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