UK Sole Representative Visa


The UK Sole Representative Visa is designed for the company or business representatives, who wish to enter the UK for business purposes. This visa is suitable for entrepreneurs who intend to start up a business and must be used for personal immigration purposes. It is only suitable for representatives of companies or business that are already established outside Switzerland and European Economic Area. The UK government has set stringent policies to curtail the misuse of this visa.

This visa is initially valid for 3 years. However, at the expiration of the 3 years, it can be further extended by 2 more years.


The following requirements are to be met by the applicants of the UK Sole Representative Visa. 

Applicants must:

  • Make their application from a country outside the EEA.
  • Have sufficient funds to sponsor and cater for their getting any aid from public funds.
  • Satisfy the English requirements.
  • Have been working for the company or firm whose base or headquarter is not located in the UK.
  • Be well experienced.
  • Have a senior position in the company. However, the applicant must not be a major shareholder in the company.


  • UK Sole Representative Visa holders get the chance of becoming Permanent Residents in the UK.
  • Upon changing status to a Permanent Resident, they are able to invite and sponsor their family relatives, who are not citizens or permanent residents.
  • The UK Sole Representative Visa allows the holders to operate and work in the UK.

However, the UK sole representative visa does not allow you to do the following:

  • Either work for yourself or any other entity
  • Elongate your stay in the UK at the termination of contract by your employer
  • Have access to public funds

Visa Fee

UK Sole Representative Visa fee is set at £546.

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