United Kingdom

Quality of Life in the United Kingdom

Generally speaking, the quality and standard of life in the United Kingdom is good enough. Residents in the country say that the quality of life in the country is satisfactory. The United Kingdom performs well in most measures of well-being, ranking above the average in environmental quality, personal security, jobs and employment, civic engagement, social connections, health status, and housing, although it falls a little below average for income and wealth.

Security in the United Kingdom

As a whole, the United Kingdom is a safe country and there is generally nothing much for people to worry about when it comes to safety and security in the country. Although development does not entirely halt criminal activities in a country, well-developed countries like the UK are expected to have fewer security challenges plus the country benefits a lot from its very effective emergency services and low crime rates.

Education in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is home to some of the world’s oldest and most prestigious educational institutions. Students in the UK enjoy a covetous reputation for its outstanding opportunities in research and learning that their higher educational institution offers to both citizens and foreign students. Without a doubt, credentials and accreditations from the universities and colleges are well respected and coveted. The United Kingdom equally has a high literacy rate to complement the quality of education it offers, with about 80% of the adults completing their secondary education.

Expatriates with temporary residency are qualified to send their children to school at no cost if they choose to send them to a state. However, parents who prefer to send their children to private schools should expect to pay very high, as much as 6,000 GBP to 9,000 GBP. Some parents, however, prefer to send their children to international schools where their children get to learn with a similar learning environment as they would have in their home country. Sponsoring a child in an international school in the UK is quite expensive and the fees per term may be as high as 15,000 GBP.

Work in the United Kingdom

Getting job offers in the United Kingdom is easier for job seekers who are skilled and experienced in their field. For those without the right educational qualification and work experience, finding a good job may not be easy but with given the right direction from job seeking services the chances of getting one is significantly increased. Employers in the United Kingdom pay one of the salary rates in the world to their employees, but though the pay in the country is good, the prices of things are relatively high when compared with other countries of the world.

Health Benefits in the United Kingdom

Foreigners and citizens, alike, residing in the United Kingdom will find the quality of health in the country quite fascinating. The UK boasts of very high international standards and quality of healthcare. The National Health Service (NHS) is one of the UK’s biggest asset in the health sector that offers quality public medical services to all residents of the country almost free of cost. 

Although there is no questioning of the quality of public healthcare delivered in the country, those who prefer to go private may choose. Private healthcare service offers quicker services and more quality of medication.

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