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The South African nation never falls behind the list of top ten countries for immigration. Every year, a number of individuals from all over the globe move to this amazing land in seek of better job opportunities and settle over there leaving behind their family members. If you are loved ones were also settled in South Africa, and you want to accompany them, then you need to obtain a South African relative visa. This visa option is initiated by the government of South Africa to unite overseas family members to their loved ones who is already residing in South Africa.

South Africa Relatives Visa

This visa is issued to the overseas nationals who are the immediate family members of South African PR holder or national. Visa holders are eligible to reside in South Africa for a minimum period of 24 months and later if they wish, they can extend the visa.

Who can apply for Relative Permit?

In order to apply for relative visa applicant need to be either a first kin or a second kin relative of either a South African national or permanent resident holder.  Here, the first kin relative can apply for both temporary and permanent residency known as the Relative permit, whereas the second kin relative can apply for only temporary resident visa known as Relative visa.

·         First kin—this term refers to relatives who are parents or children or spouse of South African visa holder

·         Second Kin—this term refers to relatives who are grandchild, grandparent, sister or brother of South African visa holder


·         A valid passport

·         Yellow fever vaccination certificate

·         Proof of onward tickets

·         Proof of applicant’s relationship with the sponsor

·         Document confirming duration of stay

·         Police clearance certificate

·         Medical and radiology reports

·         Proof of South African permanent residence or citizenship of the relative dwelling in South Africa in the form of an identity certificate or passport

Enough funds

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