Austria Masters - Bach - Dip - PG


Austria is a country of vast resources and sometimes referred as the richest country with very high GDP. Although it was popular in the times of ancient education; however, Austria had long upgraded itself to the new face and requirement of modern education.

Universities and colleges in Austria have a lot of international students and they are recognized for their high educational standards. Certificates and accreditation's obtained from these colleges and universities are accepted around the globe. To encourage foreign students who intend to enter and study in Austria, the government has set up several immigration policies that ensure that entry into the country for students is easier.

These policies also cover students who wish to study in Austria for their bachelor, masters, diploma and postgraduate courses.


To be eligible to study in Austria for either a bachelor in Austria, Diploma in Austria, or post-Graduation in Austria, applicants must fulfil the following requirements:

  • Pass the entrance examination set by the University
  • Provide recent photographs
  • Show proof that they have sufficient funds that will cater for their stay in Austria
  • Present a valid passport
  • Present a copy of the college’s admission letter
  • Have all relevant educational certificates
  • Have valid IELTS and TOEFL scores to prove that they possess good  language skills


  • Austria is known to be one of the best countries to start a higher degree program, and certificates from the universities here are respected and recognized all over the world. Obtaining a higher degree certificate from Austria gives students an advantage over other students.
  • The procedures for gaining admission into their institutions are relatively easy.

Visa Fee:

Austria Embassy visa fee is placed at INR 7260

Please Note:

The governing authorities may change this amount at any time. Applicants are therefore advised to check the current fee at the time of their application.

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