Hong Kong Tourist Visa


Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of China, which is only a couple of miles far from India. The greater part of the general population from India wants to visit Hong Kong either for tourism or work. Indians are allowed to enter and dwell in Hong Kong without Hong Kong Tourist Visa for a 14-day time span. However, past that people need to apply for a Hong Kong Tourist Visa.

Hong Kong Tourist Visa:

Hong Kong Tourist Visa permits abroad people or subjects of India to stay in Hong Kong for over 14 days time frame. Candidates are not allowed to take any occupation offer either unpaid or paid under the Hong Kong Tourist visa. Individuals can visit family or companions and can traverse Hong Kong on a Hong Kong Tourist Visa. It is a short-term visa conceded to Indians or outside nationals to enter and stay in Hong Kong for a particular timeframe.

Hong Kong Tourist Visa Requirements:

The requirements should follow the Indian travelers to get into Hong Kong

  • Candidates must have the return ticket within 14 days out of Hong Kong
  • Candidates should have the passport, validity of minimum 6 months and 2 clear pages.
  • Candidates must have the International Credit Card and some foreign currency
  • Candidates ought to be free from criminal records.
  • Candidates should have the documented file that you are employed or self employed.

There is a free Entry. All the Indian travelers passports should be stamped as that you are allowed to stay in Hong Kong for 14 days. The Indian tourist can enter the Hong Kong many times as long as you exit within 14 days.

During the time of stay in Hong Kong, Indian travelers should not bond with any Hong Kong Entrepreneurs. Under this tourist visa travelers can’t take any course in Schools or Universities.

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