A G?rm?n? Schengen V??? ?? a ??????l kind ?f visa which ?ll?w? you t? travel ?m?ng ?ll th? Schengen countries but ??ur m??n th?m? of tr?v?l b??ng ?n G?rm?n?. The S?h?ng?n Agr??m?nt r???h?d ?n th? year 1985 ?m?ng th? greater numb?r of Eur????n states agreed th?t ??t?z?n? ?f the designated ??untr??? are ?ll?w?d to tr?v?l w?th?ut v??? to the Schengen areas. Wh?r???, non-Schengen ??untr??? can ?nt?r th? whole Schengen t?rr?t?r? w?th ?n? un?f??d d??um?nt known as th? S?h?ng?n Visa.

This agreement ?t?nd? f?r the ?ff???ng ?f border ??ntr?l b?tw??n European states, ?t allows fr?? and ??u?l ?????? t? th? ??t?z?n? ?f ?n? ?f the aforementioned ??untr???, including G?rm?n?. Th?? should b? v?r? ?nt???ng t? t?ur??t planning t? v???t G?rm?n?.

On v???t t? G?rm?n?, ??u ??n v???t ?n? of th? m?nt??n?d m?mb?r ?t?t? ?f th? S?h?ng?n ?gr??m?nt as f?ll?w?: Au?tr??, B?lg?um, Cz??h Republic, Denmark, Estonia, F?nl?nd, Fr?n??, G?rm?n?, Gr????, Hung?r?, I??l?nd, It?l?, L?tv??, L?thu?n??, Lux?mb?urg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, P?l?nd, P?rtug?l, Slovakia, Slovenia, S???n, Sw?d?n, Sw?tz?rl?nd and Liechtenstein.


To b? ?l?g?bl? for th?? Germany Visit visa, th? ?nd?v?du?l ???l??ng is r??u?r?d t? h?v? th? f?ll?w?ng:

  • V?l?d n?t??n?l ??????rt.
  • P?r??n?l b?nk statements for the l??t thr?? m?nth?.
  • C?nf?rm?t??n l?tt?r from your h??lth ?n?ur?n?? stating coverage for ?m?rg?n?? m?d???l tr??tm?nt w?th a minimum of €30,000.
  • L??v? l?tt?r ?f ??ur ??m??n? (if ?m?l???d).
  • Proof of ????mm?d?t??n. H?t?l bookings f?r ??ur stay.
  • N?-?bj??t??n certificate fr?m school ?r un?v?r??t? (if ?tud?nt).
  • Personal ??v?r?ng l?tt?r with entire travel ?l?n (?t?n?r?r?).
  • D??um?nt? such as M?rr??g? ??rt?f???t?, b?rth certificate of children, d??th certificate ?f ???u??, r?t??n ??rd.
  • Your dr?v?r’? l???n?? and utility b?ll ?n ??ur name as ?r??f ?f r???d?n?? ?n the ??n?ul?r wh?r? ??u ?l?n t? ???l? f?r th? visa.


With th?? visa, the h?ld?r will h?v? a fr?? access to ?n? of th? 26 countries th?t participate in th? Schengen Agreement f?r u? t? 90 d???.


Cost ?f a Schengen v??? is €60.

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