Establishing a Business

D?nm?rk ?? ???n t? allow ?nv??t?r? fr?m ?ll walks ?f the w?rld to ???l their m?n?? in D?n??h businesses and r??? benefits ?ut of th??r ?u?????. On? ??n ?nv??t ?n various ?ndu?tr??? l?k? Inf?rm?t??n & C?mmun???t??n? T??hn?l?g? (ICT), L?f? S???n???, Cl??nt??h ?nd Maritime wh?r? D?nm?rk h?ld? ?r?v?n competitive gl?b?l ?tr?ngth?. Added to th??? excellent g??gr??h???l l???t??n with ?ut?t?nd?ng ?nfr??tru?tur?, D?nm?rk ?? ??ur ideal center f?r ??ur Eur????n activities.

It ?? pertinent to kn?w th?t the commercial r?l?t??n w?ll b? checked, with th? business ??nt?r?ng on th? ??t?bl??h?d bu??n??? in the ?nd?v?du?l’? country. In th? ???? ?f an applicable scheme, the individual ??n ???l? f?r a work ??rm?t. Having a Bu??n??? v??? entitles such ?nd?v?du?l t? certain w?rk opportunities w?th?ut the n??d for a work ??rm?t.

E?t?bl??h?ng bu??n??? in Denmark ??n b? done b? ?n??r??r?t??n ?f a n?w company online; b? th?? m???ur? th? company ?? g?v?n ???r?v?l t? ???r?t?. This particular platform is ?ut in ?l??? b? The Danish C?mm?r?? ?nd Companies Ag?n??. An?th?r m?th?d f?r ??t?bl??h?ng bu??n??? ?n Denmark ?? b? ????r r?g??tr?t??n, th?? process ??n t?k? u? to thr?? weeks. Also a company th?t h?? been without ???r?t??n but is registered ??n b? ???u?r?d.



In ?rd?r t? establish bu??n??? in D?nm?rk, ??u ?r? required to fulf?l th? conditions.

  • Persons ?l?nn?ng t? undertake ??rv??? bu??n????? ?r? required t? have d??tr?but??n ??nt?r? ?r a shared service ??nt?r.
  • F?r manufacturing firms, th?? ?h?uld have th? wherewithal to ??t?bl??h ?r?du?t??n facilities by ??th?r building ?r t? acquire ?r leasing.



  • D?nm?rk offers v?r? f??t, ?nf?rm?l ?nd ???t-?ff??t?v? ??t?bl??hm?nt ?r???dur??
  • N? r???d?nt r??u?r?m?nt? f?r management, ?n?lud?ng m?mb?r? ?f th? Executive Board (CEO), B??rd of D?r??t?r? ?r Supervisory B??rd
  • No r??u?r?m?nt for notarial d??d?
  • Flexible l?ngu?g? r??u?r?m?nt? of r?g??tr?t??n ?f corporate documents
  • Huge ?nd d?v?r?? ???m???l?t?n market
  • T?x ?ff????n?? wh?n ??m??r?d to ?th?r N?rd?? ??untr???.
  • Av??l?bl? infrastructure
Fees Structure

Visa Fee – DKK 4,015

Note: the visa fee is subjected to change as per embassy's discretion. Kindly check before applying the applicable fee.

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