In a cross-national study, Denmark was ranked as the happiest country in the world. Denmark has the world's highest social mobility coupled with a high level of income equality and ranks among the countries with the highest per capita income. Of late, Denmark is emerging as one of the most favorable destination for people who look to immigrate abroad for better prospects.

The Danish Green Card is the most popular visa for which most of Indians who would like to settle in Denmark.

The Denmark Green card visa is issued for Indian professionals with a Doctoral or Masters Qualifications in the fields of Engineering, Health Sciences, IT, academics, etc.

People who would like to apply for a Green Card to immigrate to Denmark should be eligible under prescribed eligibility criteria comprising Educational qualifications, Experience in the Positive list ,Age, Education-related occupation, Language proficiency in prescribed languages and adaptability factors such as previous stay in Europe and education in Europe, etc.

The processing time for the Green Card is about 6 to 10 months and it is valid for three years.

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