Austria Red White Red Card

Austria Red White Red Card

With the intent to facilitate the immigration of skilled professionals from non-European Union (EU) countries, the government of Austria has designed a Red White Red Card that allows third country nationals along with their family members to settle permanently in the country. Austria Red White Red Card is the most desirable option for third country nationals who wish to settle permanently in Austria depending on the labour force and personal criteria.

Austria Red White Red Card is granted for a year and allows the holders to fixed-term settlement and employment by a particular employer. Upon completion of one year, one can apply for Red-White-Red Card plus, which entitles the applicant with unrestricted access to labour market.

Austria immigration points calculator

Austria Red White Red Card follows points based system to regulate the immigration of third-country nationals. In order to qualify under Austria Red White Red Card scheme, applicant need to score enough points under factors such as:

  • Special qualifications and skills
  • Work experience
  • Language proficiency
  • Age
  • Education in Austria

Who can apply for Austria red white red card?

Austria Red White Red Card is applicable for following categories of people:

  • Highly qualified workers
  • Skilled workers in shortage occupations
  • Other key workers
  • Graduates of Austrian universities and colleges of higher education
  • Self-employed key workers 

Eligibility criteria for highly qualified workers

  1. Nationals of third country with high qualifications can apply for a six-month visa to search for a job, provided satisfying the condition of scoring 70 points
  2. If the applicant is successful in finding a job relevant to their stream within six months, they will be granted a red white red card without the need of any further labor market tests.
  3. If the visa-free regime is applicable to the aspirants, then they can directly apply for the Austria Red White Red Card without the need of job seeker visa.

Eligibility criteria for skilled workers in shortage occupations

Third-country nationals with high skills in shortage occupations can apply for Austria Red White Red Card valid for 12 months, if:

  • The applicant must be trained in shortage occupation under the regulation
  • Applicant must receive a binding offer in Austria
  • Applicant must score minimum of 50 points in point based system

List of shortage professions

Some of the shortage occupations are as follows

  • Milling machinists
  • Black toppers
  • Metal turners
  • Agricultural equipment engineers
  • Roofers 

 Eligibility criteria for other key workers

Third country nationals who are considered as key workers for their qualifications can apply for Austria Red White Red Card for 12 months provided satisfying certain conditions such as:

  • Austrian employer should pay at least € 2,718 gross monthly salary with special payments for workers over 30 years and € 2,265 for workers under 30 years
  • Must score minimum of 50 points in points system
  • Key workers such as musicians, athletes or designers do not have to furnish a proof of their training 
  • Applicants can also apply for red white red card plus provided satisfying certain criteria  

Eligibility criteria for students and graduates

This category is divided into following sub categories   

  • Pupils and students

Pupils and students from third countries and Croatia needs a employment permit and are subjected to the Act Governing the Employment of Foreign Nationals

You will be given unrestricted labour market access to be approved by the AMS after a year of continuous employment based on an employment permit

  • Graduates from third countries

Students who have successfully completed a Diploma programme at least a second part or a Master's programme at an Austrian public university or university of applied sciences or accredited private university can reside in Austria for six months for searching a job.

  • Graduates from Croatia

Graduates from Croatia have the right of settlement and limited access to labor market. An employment permit will be issued for these individuals without labor market test provided satisfying the conditions for red white red card. Upon completion of one year, they will be given unrestricted access, which has to be approved by the AMS.

Eligibility criteria for Self-employed key workers 

Self employed workers whose occupation generates macroeconomic benefit that extends beyond operational benefit, which will be in case:

  • The profession makes a sustained transfer of investment capital to Austria 
  • The occupation creates new jobs or protects existing jobs in Austria; or       
  • Your company is of remarkable significance for the entire region
  • There is no points system for self-employed workers

What are the requirements of Austria Red White Red Card?

  • Valid travel document
  • Financial sufficiency
  • Health insurance
  • Proof of accommodation      

Austria permanent residency  

After completing a period of stay for five years, one can apply for permanent residence. The study period is not considered as the permanent residency requirement.            

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