Austria EU Blue Card

Located in the Europe, Austria is not only an affluent nation in the Europe but also across the globe. At present, Austria is facing severe skill shortages in various occupations. The solution for this problem has been sought by seeking required skilled employees outside the nation. Thus, Austrian government has come up with a scheme entitled as EU blue card to lure foreign skilled workers to migrate and work in Austria.

Austria EU blue Card

Third-country nationals who have finished their studies lasting over three years at universities of tertiary education and who attain a yearly salary for a job equivalent to their education that surpasses 55,975 euros (2014) can have access to the EU Blue Card Austria. This EU blue card allows non-EU nationals to work and reside in Austria.


This card will be granted if you:

·         Have finished study course of minimum three years at university or tertiary educational institution.

·         Have obtained a binding job offer for a minimum period of one year in Austria and the job corresponds to your education.

·         Will gain a gross yearly income of minimum one and a half times the average gross annual salary of full-time employees, and labor market test demonstrate that there exists no equally skilled worker registered as a jobseeker with the Public Employment Service (AMS) accessible for the job.


The below documents, in particular, must be submitted for the approval of a residence title:

·         A valid travel document or passport

·         A birth certificate

·         Other required credentials

·         Health insurance

·         Proof of course completion at a university or other tertiary educational institution with at least three years of duration

·         Graduation certificate

·         Evidence status of university or tertiary educational institution

Employer’s declaration pursuant to the Act Governing the Employment of Foreign Nationals (AuslBG)

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