What allures foreigners to Austria?

Located in the heart of Europe, Austria is the most sought after destination for people who wish to immigrate overseas. The government of Austria is a type of federal parliamentary democracy and the people of Austria are known as Austrians. The country welcomes great number of immigrants over each year irrespective of their culture, tradition and religion. German is the widely spoken language in Austria.      

With nominal per capita GDP, Austria ranks one amongst the richest nations across the globe. Due to its quality living standards, Austria is ranked in 19th position in the world for its Human Development Index. Vienna is the capital and largest city in Austria with over 1.7 million inhabitants residing in the region. Famous for its scenic beauty and stunning landscapes, Austria is a beautiful place that exhibits its simplicity of the people.

Acquire internationally recognized degrees

Austria is an excellent choice for students who wish to pursue their higher education in foreign countries. Fortified with reputed educational institutions and universities, Austria offers world-class educational facilities for students who wish to take up any course. The country offers advanced teaching methodologies, wide range of study programs and scholarship programs for international students. In order to study in Austria, one needs to obtain student visa to enter the country for pursuing education.

Give a boost to your career by working in Austria

Austria offers good number of opportunities for skilled professionals who can contribute their skills for the betterment of economy. In order to encourage skilled immigration, the country has introduced Austria EU Blue Card that allows individuals to enter the country and explore the available job opportunities. It is a combination of residence and work permit that allows the holders to reside and work under a specific employer.      

Visiting Austria gives wonderful experience

Surrounded by mountain vistas, breath-taking landscapes and vibrant cities, Austria is one of the most beautiful places to visit across the globe. Known for wine, local cuisine, beers and classical music, visiting Austria is the ultimate option for foodies and shopaholics to taste the delicious foods.

Migrate to Austria

Individuals who wish to immigrate to Austria can apply under red white red card scheme, which paves path for permanent residency. Austria red white red card is points based scheme where applicants are required to qualify in points based system. Points will be awarded based on certain factors such as education, work, language, education in Austria and age.

With so many opportunities and benefits, Austria rolled out as the perfect destination for immigrants. So, if you are interested to immigrate to Austria, Zentora can make your process more simple and hassle-free. 

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