Student Dependent Visa

Higher education in the Australian universities and educational institutions endorse one’s free thinking, innovation as well as focuses on practical knowledge. The Australian degrees are acknowledged internationally among potential employers. The best of infrastructure; world class faculty and research facilities made Australia as a desired destination for international students across the world. Thus, many people from different parts of the globe relocate to Australia leaving behind their family members.

Even Down Under welcomes international students to come and study in the country. The government of Australia also accepts eligible family members to enter and reside along with their family members who are already residing in Australia. Thus, it has introduced Australian Student Dependent visa.

Who are eligible to apply for Australia Student Dependent Visa?

Individuals can apply for dependent visa:

  • If they are partner or family member of student visa holder or a holder of any temporary Australian visa in Australia
  • If their partner is an Australian permanent residency
  • Or if the applicant is a child of Australia student visa holder whose age is below 18 years

This visa allows the applicants

  • To study in Australia for a period up to three months
  • To work while their staying in Australia

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